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Hazen's   Notch   Association
Children's Summer Nature & Adventure Day & Resident Camp


An Appreciation

   We must acknowledge the late Dr. Mitchell Gratwick, former headmaster of Horace Mann School in New York City, former guidance counselor at The Gunnery School in Washington, Connecticut, founder of the Roxbury, Connecticut Land Trust and founder and director of Little Brook Day Camp in Roxbury, Connecticut. We will always remember him for his devotion to children, their education and his nuturing of their total being.

   Through Dr. Gratwick we met and learned from Paul Petzoldt, mountaineer, educator and founder of NOLS - the National Outdoor Leadership School, who set us on this path and who grew to be a close friend and mentor.

   We are also grateful to William Garrison of the John Dorr Nature Lab in Washington, Connecticut who taught us so much about the art and passion of teaching.

   And to Dr. Edmund Swigart of the Gunnery School and founder of the Institute for American Indian Studies, both in Washington, Connecticut for his trust and faith in us.

   From the example of these dedicated educators and leaders we have derived our inspiration, vision and commitment to our goals. We are grateful to them all and honor their memories with our work.

   - Rolf Anderson

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