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  ____________  Winter Trail Map  ______________

Groomed Trails are shown in RED     Ungroomed Trails are shown in BLUE
W= Winter Only     P= Parking Area     P1= Welcome Center     P2= Bear Paw Pond     P3= High Ponds Farm

   The trails shown on this map are maintained and managed by the Hazen's Notch Association, a non-profit conservation organization in Montgomery, Vermont. 28 landowners generously allow 30 trails to pass over 2,000 acres of private conservation land for public use.

   These trails are maintained in winter for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. An area use fee is charged in winter and must be paid at the Welcome Center on Route 58, the Hazen's Notch Road. Skiing on snowshoe trails or off-trail is not allowed. Burnt Mountain is closed to skiing. All winter trail users must park and register at the Welcome Center and pay a trail fee before using the trails.

   Trails are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily. When snow cover is thin, trails are icy or thawing conditions exist, trails may be closed for user safety and to prevent further deterioration of trail surfaces. Observe all "Trail Closed" signs to ensure personal safety.

   Walking and dogs are not allowed on trails and on supporting land areas from December 15 to May 15. Stay on trails and observe all posted signs at trailhead parking areas, in and on Welcome Center building and on trails. Stay off ponds. Ice may be too thin to support you.

   Please respect private property and landowner privacy by staying away from all dwellings, camps and outbuildings. Ensure continued landowner generosity for public access to private lands by obeying the rules set forth herein and on posted signs. Thank you for your cooperation !

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