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Weather & Climate Data
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Weather & Climate Data


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   Throughout the year the Hazen's Notch Association records basic weather data including daily minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation and snow depth.

   Current weather and trail conditions are listed on the
Trail Conditions + Weather page.

   Precipitation and Temperature data for 2007 are listed on the Weather Data 2007 page.

Precipitation and Temperature data for 2006 and December 2005 are listed on the Weather Data 2006 page.

   Unofficial snow depth is recorded at the Hazen's Notch Welcome Center and will be listed on its own page.

   Official National Weather Service snow depth measurements for two stations on Burnt Mountain began on March 29, 2006. Burnt Mountain snow depth data are listed on the Snow Depth page.

   We welcome your observations from northern Vermont especially if you have electronic recording weather instruments.

   Over time we will expand the weather pages and their content as interest in this new area of the Hazen's Notch Association's website warrants.


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