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Hazen's   Notch   Association
Bringing People Together to Conserve Vermont's Natural Resources
 _____________  Watershed Project  ____________


Hazen's Notch Watershed Inventory Project

   The Hazen's Notch Association was awarded a grant in 1998 to study the 5000-acre Wade Brook watershed. The project was funded by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department which distributes funds from the sale of special license plates to groups studying water conservation issues. The Hazen's Notch Association was one of five Vermont organizations to be awarded a grant in the first year of of the Vermont Watershed Grants Program.

   Wade Brook is located in the towns of Westfield and Montgomery. The brook drains Hazen's Notch to the west; Together with Jay Brook, which drains Jay Pass, they form the headwaters of the Trout River which passes through the towns of Montgomery and Berkshire on its way to the Missisquoi River.

The goals of the project were:

  • Inventory and map the streams, ponds, springs, pools and other wetland features of the Wade Brook watershed;
  • Make recommendations to landowners on how to protect, restore and/or enhance these natural resources and their related wildlife values on their property.

   The project took place during the Spring and Summer and Fall of 1998. HNA staff members performed field investigations, visiting approximately 16 miles of streams and tributaries on 5000 acres. The Wade Brook Watershed is covered primarily by a mixed northern hardwood/coniferous forest. This area also includes small farms and residential properties.

   A public presentation was made in December of 1998. Approximately 50 people attended a slide program and discussion at the Montgomery Town Hall. A full report was drafted and presented to the Agency of Natural Resources in May 1999. The report presented its findings and recommendations and was presented to each landowner in each of six sub-watersheds within the larger watershed.

Landowner recommendations included conservation strategies relating to the following:

  • Forest Management
  • Woods Roads and Trails Management
  • Constructed Ponds
  • Fish Stocking
  • Beaver Ponds
  • Vernal Pools
  • Agricultural Activities
  • Management of the Salter's Road (VAST Trail)
  • Environmental Regulations.


Special emphasis was given to managing property to maximize the enhancement of wildlife habitat.

Recommendations included:

  • Maintaining a forested buffer at all stream edges to enhance habitat for native fish.
  • Adopting forest stewardship plans that promote sustainable forestry practices and the protection of water features such as beaver ponds, vernal pools and springs. These water resources provide the range of habitats necessary to support biological diversity of aquatic species.

   The Hazen's Notch Association looks forward to continuing this important research that promote the stewardship of natural resources.

Deborah Benjamin, Project Coordinator
Hazen's Notch Association
May 1999



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