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Hazen's   Notch   Association
Bringing People Together to Conserve Vermont's Natural Resources
 _________  Trails Conservation Project  ________


Hazen's Notch Trails Conservation Project

   Since its founding in 1994, the HNA has concentrated on providing environmental education programs to area schools and in operating the HNA Summer Camp. Both of these endeavors have been extremely successful. Since 2000, the HNA has been busy overseeing and improving winter management of the trail network for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. During the Summer and Fall the HNA has maintained over 15 miles of trails on 700 acres of land for walking, hiking and nature study. We have also helped landowners with the development of stewardship management plans that focus on wildlife habitat enhancements. Members have been very supportive of the Associationís work in these areas.

   The HNA has realized for sometime that the Association should become more involved in conservation. The Board of Directors discussed at their Spring 2002 meeting the creation of a conservation strategy that would focus on the protection of the recreational trails that are maintained by the Association.

   The Hazen's Notch Association is very grateful to all of its cooperating landowners for generously allowing the public use of the trails on their properties.

   The HNA Board of Directors feels that the HNA should initiate a formal program to encourage landowners to take steps to ensure trail access in the future. This trail protection could take the form of recreational trail easements or broader conservation easements. In cases where significant natural, wildlife, scenic and recreational resource values are present on one property, the HNA should seek to acquire land in fee for the full protection of the property. This protection would ideally come from donations of land or easements. If necessary, the HNA should raise funds to acquire land or easements through purchase.

   At their October 2002 meeting the Board of Directors approved the following motions:

    1. The Board of Directors authorizes the Hazen's Notch Association to acquire, receive and own land in accordance with the association's "Purposes of the Corporation" as detailed in its Articles of Association (reprinted here below).
    2. The board of Directors authorizes the creation of a Land Protection Fund for the acquisition of land and easements and expenses relating to those acquisitions.

   The HNA launched its campaign for contributions to the Land Protection Fund with its end-of-year mailing to members and donors in November 2002. The HNA seeks contributions to the Land Protection Fund from individuals, businesses, private foundations, municipalities, and state and federal grants programs.

   If you would like to contribute to the HNA Land Protection Fund, please send your contribution in any amount to:

Hazen's Notch Association, P.O. Box 478, Montgomery Center, VT 05471.

Thank you!

From the HNA Articles of Association:

Purposes of Corporation

   The corporation shall be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The purposes of the corporation shall be to:

I.   Promote an understanding and appreciation of nature and human interrelationships with the environment by offering educational programs for all ages in the natural sciences, ecology, and the conservation of natural resources. Educational programs may include outdoor recreational components; however, recreational skills training should not be the primary goal of educational programs.

II.   Promote non-motorized recreational opportunities for the public on both public and private lands; build and maintain a network of trails for uses such as walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing, encourage the conveyance of public access easements, hold and monitor recreational trail easements.

III.   Promote the conservation of open land in northern Vermont, primarily in the Hazenís Notch area.

IV.   Promote the wise stewardship of natural and historic resources by using and encouraging private landowners to use conservation-based land management practices that emphasize the protection of wildlife habitat, soil and water quality, wetlands and riparian zones, bilogical diversity, and historic cultural landscape features.

V.   Promote and engage in research in the natural sciences, ecology, conservation and environmental education.

VI.   Cooperate with and support the activities of governmental, charitable and other private and public institutions with similar purposes.



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