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Hazen's  Notch  Association

Bringing People Together to Conserve Vermont's Natural Resources


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Thank you!

   I love hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing on the trails of the Hazen's Notch Association.  I look forward to volunteering in support of the HNA in the coming months.  Thank you !

Anneke van Zandt. March 8, 2008

   We have always welcomed spring here in Killington on River Road with the return of the red wing black bird and, shortly after, the peeping of the spring peepers. We had never heard the quacking of the wood frogs until this spring on a very cold day the beginning of April. Even though we are native Vermonters, we weren't sure what kind of frog they were. It wasn't until I heard a nature comentary by Edith Hunter that I realized that what we had heard was the wood frog.

   Quickly, I went on line and discovered your site. What a find, and what terrific information. I now know we have wood frogs in my small pond -- I, too, have pictures of these frogs piggy-backed in my pond. Thank you for solving our frog mystery.

   I shall look forward to using your website often. (We are avid watchers of nature -- and have had the fortune of having a full flock of wild turkeys all winter, an ermine who pranced around the yard all winter and a bob cat who showed up on the front yard one morning.) Thank you again.

Nancy Gilman & Paul Dorian, Killington, VT. April 24, 2006

   The Hazen's Notch website is an integral part of our trip planning. It's the best !

Sue & Jeff Moeller, Newburyport, MA. April 14, 2006

   Hazen's Notch is the best place to cross-country ski !

Aaron Sheltra, Troy, VT. February 28, 2006

   Although many Vermont nordic centers say that they offer snowshoeing, few have marked ungroomed trails. The Hazen's Notch Association winter trails offer miles and miles of pristine routes for every ability level. You can snowshoe through open meadows, along a beaver pond or take a challenging and strenuous snowshoe hike to the peak of 2800' Burnt Mountain. Hazen's Notch is a snowshoe & cross country ski paradise.

Marc Weinstein, Woodstock, VT. March 8, 2006

   Thank you for opening the new Sunset Ridge Trail to Burnt Mountain. The new ascent to the top was very rewarding and revealed wonderfull new views. It was a pleasure to be part of a great group of snow shoe enthusiasts on this wonderfull day. Thanks again.

Lutz Saborowski, Montgomery, VT. February 28, 2006

   Thank you for making my three days at Hazen's Notch so pleasurable. Your helpfulness and friendliness are greatly appreciated. The trails were perfect. I especially like the emphasis on classical tracks. The setting and snow make it special, but so does your management. Hope to see you next year.

Jeanne Hubelbank, Massachusetts. March 17, 2005

   I have just returned from yet another exhilarating experience deep in the woods at Hazen's Notch. In the midst of the joyful challenge of raising five children, I look forward to my wooded excursions. It is time alone to recharge. I snap on my skis, and within seconds I am surrounded by the serenity and tranquility that the wintery, snow covered trails provide. The serenity of the outside brings forth serenity on the inside. I feel my cares and concerns being left behind as I glide my way through the forest. I feel free. The sun shimmers through the trees above. The snow-capped mountains in front of me proudly announce their ominous presence. I stop and open my ears wide to the loudness of the quiet. I am grateful to return to the present moment and to experience the fullness of now. These trails at Hazen' Notch are truly a taste of Heaven.

Kimberly Quinn Smith, Vermont. March 5, 2005

   I wanted to thank you for leading our “trek” up Burnt Mountain last weekend. Aside from the challenge and feeling of accomplishment when we reached the top, it was really interesting to hear about the history of Burnt Mountain's name and the story of how you first discovered the view. Thanks again for a great experience.

Laurie Usheroff. Montreal, Quebec. Feb 29, 2004

   I was a camper at the Overnight Camp last year. I am unfortunatly unable to go this year and I really wish I could. I liked it a lot and I encourage all of you that have children to send them to this camp when they are ready. It was great! I am also very impressed with the web site and I send my best wishes to Rolf and Sharon.

Michelle, St. Albans, Vermont. April 18, 2002

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