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Trails for Schools Program

Kids In Action

The HNA has built interpretive ecology trails at several schools including
Bishop Marshall School (Morrisville)
and Washington (VT)

Working with faculty and students, the HNA inventories the natural resources present on school property and develops a plan for building one or more trails that can be used as an outdoor classroom, taking students through a variety of habitats.

Students are lead by HNA staff through a wide variety of activities that culminate in a completed trail, with a map and brochure.

Call or write if you would like to discuss a trail project for your school.

Read about the
HNA/FCS Trail Project
with the
Fairfield Center School
at the
Chester A. Arthur
historic site.

Hazen's   Notch   Association
Bringing People Together to Conserve Vermont's Natural Resources
 _____ Bishop Marshall School Trail Project  ____


Hazen's Notch Association
at Bishop John A. Marshall School

News & Citizen, Morrisville, Vt - October 3, 2002

       A project team from the Hazen's Notch Association is visiting the Bishop John A. Marshall School, September 30 through October 4, and will help the school develop nature trails at the school site. The project involves the entire student body of Kindergarten through 8th grade and uses a variety of learning opportunities.

       The Hazenís Notch Association is a non-profit, member-supported, conservation organization located in Montgomery, Vermont. The HNA was founded in 1994 to promote and engage in conservation of agricultural and forest lands, environmental education, outdoor recreation, scientific research, and stewardship of natural resources. The HNA maintains a network of 40 miles of trails on 2,000 acres of private conservation land in Montgomery for cross country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. The Association also operates a Summer Camp for children and conducts natural science field trips for area schools and other groups.

      The actual project began with a site assessment by HNA staff and BJAMS faculty members. Together, the team developed a plan for the area to include treadway improvements such as water bars, log steps, board walk and wildlife habitat enhancements along the trails.

      Monday, September 30, first, sixth, seventh and eighth graders completed a boardwalk that protects fragile sphagnum moss, while the first graders worked diligently at clearing a small area for a sitting circle where HNA founder Sharon Anderson sang Native American songs with the children.

      The project will continue through the week with BJAMS students putting in hard work and having a lot of fun.

Hazen's Notch Association
Completes Trail Project
at Bishop John A. Marshall School

Hazen's Notch News, Montgomery Center, Vt - October 18, 2002

       The Hazen's Notch Association recently completed a trail project with the Bishop Marshall School in Morrisville, Vermont. HNA staff members Sharon and Rolf Anderson and Deborah Benjamin worked with 145 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade to make treadway improvements and wildlife habitat enhancements to the trails on the school's land off Route 100 south of the center of Morrisville. The project took place from September 30 through October 4, 2002.

       Students were first introduced to some of the natural resource features along the trail that visitors would likely enjoy but that were in need of protection. Special emphasis was given to the impacts of hiker runoff on poorly drained soils. Students received instruction in trail design, layout and safety before beginning any work. The sight and sound of Ryder Brook as it tumbled over several falls and cascades that are adjacent to the trails put smiles on the faces of everyone who passed by on the trail.

      Some trail improvements made by the students included 32 feet of boardwalk to protect an area with sphagnum moss, 20 log steps to stabilize soils on steep slopes and 60 feet of treadway retaining rails to hold soils on side hills.

      Wildlife habitat enhancements included planting native trees and shrubs for food and cover for animals. Students placed apple and white cedar trees as well as blueberry, elderberry and high bush cranberry bushes near the trail entrance. The approach from the school to the trail was lined with bluebird nestboxes that students built.

      A special feature to this trail project was the inclusion of instruction in Native American culture. Students helped set up an Eastern Woodlands Indian wigwam and a Plains Indian tipi along the Meadow Edge Trail.

      A celebration of the Trail Project took place on Friday, October 18, 2002 during the school's annual Homecoming Day, attended by over 300 students and parents. Students lead parents on guided walks on the trails that were lighted by oil lanterns placed along the trails and carried by the students. Bishop Marshall School Principal Bruce Batchelder thanked the Hazen's Notch Association and praised the students and the HNA "for their excellent work in developing this important recreational resource that will will be used as an outdoor classroom by the entire school for many years to come."

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