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      The HNA promotes stewardship of natural and historic cultural resources by encouraging landowners to use land management practices that protect environmental integrity. These practices emphasize the protection of wildlife habitat, plant communities, soil and water quality, wetlands and riparian zones, biological diversity and historic cultural landscape features.

      The HNA has helped to create stewardship management plans for nearly 1,500 acres of private forest and agricultural land in the Hazen's Notch area of Montgomery. This has, in some cases, qualified these landowners for federal and state cost sharing funds for a variety of forest management activities. Some examples are wildlife habitat enhancements, woods road restoration projects, timber stand improvements and apple tree release activities.

     The Stewardship Partner Program helps people become aware of the important role that each of us can play in supporting wildlife through positive action. As stewards of the land and its resources, we can improve conditions for wildlife as we maintain the health of our own environment. To find out more about HNA Stewardship Programs, contact the HNA office at 802.326.4799.

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